With the Real Estate market being more active than it has ever been, now is not the time to ‘Play the Game’ when it comes to making offers. Agents are seeing record numbers at opens, with properties being sold at the first open being a common occurrence. Auctions in Adelaide are also seeing reserves regularly being surpassed.

What does this mean for you as a purchaser? It means you need to be prepared and ready to make a competitive offer.

What you can do?

Getting a pre-approval is a must. Come and speak to the TTO. Finance Team to work out your borrowing capacity and purchasing power. Offers made on properties without a pre-approval l in place may not even get looked at by the vendor and with Auctions being an unconditional contract, having a pre-approval in place is the best way to minimise any risks.  In the current competitive market, an unconditional offer is your best shot to secure a property.

With the increase in demand for pre-approvals and the all-time low interest rates, this has put pressure on bank service levels and turnaround times. Because of this, there is no such thing as too soon in getting your finances in order. With a valid and assessed Pre-Approval in place you can attend that auction or put in that offer with confidence. All the hard work is done prior and you can potentially settle in 30 days.

We had a client recently speak to the TTO. Finance Team and went through all the necessary preparation and obtained pre-approval. With that in place she was able to then secure her dream home at auction and settle within 30 days, a fantastic result!

Don’t forget the TTO Finance Team can also assist you with all your Asset and Equipment Finance needs and requirements.

What’s next?

At TTO we have our in house Mortgage Broking Team here to help you with any of your pre-approvals, home loans, refinances and asset finance queries.

The TTO. Team prides itself on the level of exceptional care and advice that you can expect to receive.  With many years of experience in the industry the team are here to help you towards tomorrow.

If you want to book an obligation free appointment, please call the office on 08 8211 9426 or head to our website TTO – Contact Us

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