TTO Talks – The 10 Commandments of Investing

TTO Talks #1 – The 10 Commandments of Investing

In early September at TTO Chartered Accountants, we were proud to host our first TTO Talks event. The first of what we hope to be a bimonthly series of discussions on topics that are relevant to our clients and their interests.

For our inaugural TTO Talk we were lucky to welcome David Middleton and Patsy Karapas from the renowned Midsec Financial Advisors to offer their knowledge and expertise on The 10 Commandments of Investing.

Midsec Financial Advisors are the largest non-bank financial planning firm in Adelaide, specialising in investment, self-managed superfunds and risk insurance and hold a wealth of experience in the industry.

A snapshot of the insight Midsec offered on the night into investing included:

Humans are bad investors. The average investor makes decisions based on emotion, not logic. Take out the emotion and make logical investment decisions.

Establish your risk budget. Don’t take on more risk than you are capable of handling and make sure you can tolerate the volatility you may face. Only spend what you can afford, set a budget and stick to it.

Spread your money around. Great investors have lots of different investments, gamblers take big bets.

Don’t fret about your investments. Shares go up and down and it’s not something to waste time worrying about. Take a five-year view and focus on it.

At TTO Chartered Accountants we value our clients and believe in putting people first. We are passionate about giving back and look forward to partnering with a range of respected and well-established companies for our TTO Talks series to be able to provide valuable knowledge and insight to our clients.

TTO Talks #1 – The 10 Commandments of Investing